Catch up from our first Webinar!

April 30, 2021

Webinar 1 round up map hosts and feedback messages


2 weeks ago we held our very first webinar at Urban Plant Growers. We were absolutely stoked with the turn out, engagement and feedback from the nightWe had over 120 customers sign up to the webinar, with people from Australia, The United Kingdom, India, Philippines, The United States, New Zealand and Singapore! The event had such a lovely community vibe with so much activity in the chat bar that we couldn’t even keep up at some points.  

Infographic of who attended our first webinar map and statistics

The webinar covered 3 main topics:  

  • background on Urban Plant Growers 
  • A dive into the current issues facing our food system and how hydroponics is a possible solution 
  • Question and answer time with participants.  

We are now busy editing the recording and selecting out key information to share with all of you on our blog, FAQ and social media. We had so many great questions, from understanding pest management to airflow control and what to do about mold build up. We know that if one person asks a question, there are probably at least 10 other people thinking it, so we will be sharing more information on these topics to cover those common queries. Keep a close eye on our emails and social pages as we get ready to release information for our next webinar happening in June. If you have any specific requests feel free to email them into or DM us on our socials!  

Feedback Messages from our first webinar attendees

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