Save 72 Plastic pots per week

Our Vertical Farm Grows 72 herbs/veggies, chosen by your office. This means your employees can forage whatever they want instead of buying plastic containers of herbs/veggies for home or lunches

Save 432kms of Food Mileage CO2 per week

Did you know that the average basil plant has equivalent to 6kms of food mileage? If you grew 72 Basils locally you are saving 432 kms in CO2 food milaege

Save 378L of Water Per week

Our plants are grow hydroponically, which is 90% more water efficient than traditionally farming. Our total water consumption is 42L a week, as opposed to 420L traditionally

Woman picking herbs from hydroponic vertical garden

Our Offering

Our vertical garden grows up to 72 plants at once, with a mixture of herbs and leafy greens, which your office can choose from. The plants are grown hydroponically, to minimize water consumption and maximize growth speed.

The unit itself is equipped with 3 high-efficiency LED grow lights on a 14h/10h on/off cycle. The Plants sit in 6 basins of water, holding 12 plants each with small aeration pumps going once an hour.

 Once a week, our friendly staff check on the unit, fill, trim and swap out any overused plants. By growing food at the point of consumption, together we are helping to build a more sustainable future


We'll keep the plants alive, so that you can help your office thrive!

vertical herb garden on wheels in office

Fresh food for everyone!

This will be the freshest food your staff have consumed

Person adding fresh basil to a grazing platter with herb garden in background

30 minute setup

The units simple design, allows our team to set it up extremely quickly

hydroponic herb garden growing pods up close

30 Day Free Trial

No lock in contract. If you are unsatisfied with the unit, we will pick it back up within 14 days with no cost. 

Man harvesting herbs from vertical hydroponic herb garden


Once a week our Urban Farming team will trim, fill up and swap out plants for the community garden. 


Bring life into your office space!

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