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HydroGlow LED Grow Light

$69.00 NZD

Number of Light Heads

The HydroGlow LED Grow Light allows you to grow your own plants in indoor conditions regardless of whether your home receives direct sunlight or not. To determine whether this grow light is the best choice for you, take this short quiz here!


  • Why you will love it!

  • How It Works

    With a robust metal design, and quality Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which emit a "full spectrum" of wavelengths, this product is a quality investment for anyone hoping to level up their plant game! The primary wavelengths of light required for plant growth are the blue and red wavelengths. 

    These segments of the light spectrum are crucial in aiding a plant's growth as blue light stimulates the formation of chlorophyll (crucial in the process of plant photosynthesis which aids healthy leaf and stem growth), and red light promotes germination, root growth, and bulb development. This product provides those wavelengths, as well as others to result in a user friendly "white light" output. 

    wavelengths of light used in full spectrum LED grow lights

  • Specifications



    Adjustable neck: 39cm

    Power cord: 155cm

    Included Parts

    The frame (clamp, adjustable necks & cord) of this light is black.

    • 1 x LED grow light
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x Wall socket adaptor
    • 1 x Users manual
    • Integrated controller

    Note: Light does not come with the pot

    Input Voltage 5V
    Rated Power 10W
    Monthly Energy Cost* ~ $ 0.91

    * Assumes 12 hours per day, with average Australian Electricity prices of $0.25/kWh.

    Lifetime 50,000 hours (5 years of continuous use)
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Joseph R.
Australia Australia
Clean and easy

Handy little clip on lights. Using them to grow some moss on my bookshelf. Only annoying thing is the controller, seems a bit cheap and had trouble getting it to turn on at first. Also blinks a blue LED when using the timer which is a bit obnoxious at night, a bit of electrical tape should fix it

Urban Plant Growers HydroGlow LED Grow Light Review
Australia Australia
Great light.

I got the 3 headed version and it's a great grow light with good intensity (doesn't seem too bright to burn them but strong enough for the growth). The colour seems quite good too and gives off a little more 'yellow' glow than most white ones. The lights are very flexible and stay in their position a lot better than some other ones I have (like the 2 headed one in the bottom of my pic). The only downsides I have is that It's advertised to have a 3hr, 9hr or 12hr timer but mine only has 3hr, 6hr or 12hr. The 9hr would be perfect for me as 6hrs isn't enough and 12hrs is too long but unfortunately mine doesn't have that setting :( It also seems to have a single faulty LED on one of the heads (not that it really affects the lighting) that I hope doesn't spread (see pic).

Urban Plant Growers HydroGlow LED Grow Light ReviewUrban Plant Growers HydroGlow LED Grow Light ReviewUrban Plant Growers HydroGlow LED Grow Light ReviewUrban Plant Growers HydroGlow LED Grow Light Review
Australia Australia

The light intensity seems really good, they seem pretty sturdy lights. The clip is very sturdy however if the lights need to be at too weird an angle, it dosnt hold up. No real complaints tho!

Flimsy quality, definitely overpriced, but get the job done.

Received the 2 heads hydroglow with two quality issues, the LED lightbulb detached at the bottom plastic part while I was inserting the LED light to the socket, so I have to use superglue to fix it. After successfully install the light bulb to the flexible leg, I found the ON/OFF button is working intermittently where I can feel that the button is not engaging the PCB board at the internal of the square plastic box, so I opened it up and found out the PCB board is not properly fixing to the cover and hanging loosely inside, again, I have to fix it up myself using superglue. Overall, I would say that the quality this product is definitely not reflecting on the pricing vendor put on this. After all the dramas, the light intensity is pretty good, and hopefully the plants will be happy under the light, time will tell. Tristan

Urban Plant Growers

Hi Tristan, Thank you for the feedback, it is great to get and allows us to improve the product/manufacturing/auditing process. We are really sorry this has been your experience so far and we hope to change it. 1. The light bulbs have a 2 twist motion, so once screwed in, they have a 45 degree motion to be adjusted, this is by design. With this new design, unfortunately in a small number of cases people are over tightening them and snapping the plastic. Based on your review and some other feedback, we are adding in warnings to the light bulbs to stop over screwing/damaging the product. 2. The PCB in the timer should not be loose, but we have also seen this feedback from a few customers and it is a manufacturing defect, which is easy to fix as you experienced. Future runs of the product will have the PCB better secured in the case to stop any possible movement. We are truly sorry for your experience. If you would like a replacement product please reach out to or the chat bot and we can sort it out. It would also be great if you took pictures of your issues and sent them through so we can add it to our auditor’s list. Peter Co -Founder

Kathryn W.
Excellent product

This is a excellent product, love how the lights are flexible, the timer is awesome you don’t have to keep switching it on and off! Will buy again